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All kinds of services and legal issues

investment issues 

Many Arab investors resort to investing in America by buying real estate, major hotels and shops in America. Our office assists the investor by ensuring that the investment complies with the conditions required by the US authorities. We ensure the integrity of contracts, special transactions and terms of sale
and purchase

Compensation cases

Neglect and damage is the backbone of any lawsuit filed against the plaintiff in negligence cases. There are many reasons for negligence and there are deliberate mistakes that cause the affected person severe injuries. Here we are entrusted with cases of negligence and file a complaint with local or federal courts and demand compensation in favor of our client.

Drafting and reviewing contracts

Contracts are the mainstay of international trade in all countries, whatever their legal system or level of economic development. Therefore, the Sale and Purchase Agreement is considered one of the basic international agreements related to trade law, which it is desirable for everyone to adopt. Our office is entrusted with issues of international contracts from their editors, demanding their implementation, and filing lawsuits in case of breach of them.

International Arbitration Cases

We represent governments and individuals in international arbitration cases before the International 
Chamber of Commerce or before the International Chamber of Commerce

Icsid world bank
Icid arbitration

Or any other international arbitration body. They are also ready to represent law firms abroad before the International Arbitration Commission on behalf of their clients in investment cases, commercial cases or international disputes.

Medical mistakes

Many foreign and Arab nationals flock for the purpose of treatment. The law in America imposes on the doctor or hospital the duty to take adequate precautions to avoid any medical error. If you become a victim of a medical error and you have sufficient evidence in this matter, please consult us on the matter, perhaps you will have the right to compensation. Our office is responsible for cases of medical negligence, whether by the doctor or the hospital

Buying real estate and investments in America

The United States of America is a politically and economically secure country, and its regulations are clear and transparent in commercial transactions. By investing, you can obtain residency in accordance with the necessary legal standards. We have real estate consultants, architects and investment specialists in America. If you are serious, you can contact us to help you

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Representing the client in all kinds of disputes and cases.
Representing the client in the establishment, establishment and organization of companies of all kinds.
Representing the principal in all corporate and institutional transactions.
Providing legal advice in various fields.
Representing the client before international and foreign judicial authorities

Studying and drafting international contracts
International arbitration cases
Intellectual and copyright issues

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